How to stay motivated in your mundane freelancing career

motivation in freelancing career

Motivation is important in freelancing career !


Freelancing, as we know, has many benefits and we are already aware of them. Freelancers can work from their bedroom in their underwear. They can work any time and catch a mid-day nap if they feel tired in the afternoon blah blah blah… We all know that. But freelancing needs a lot of motivation and focus to stay on the game. There will be times when the weather outside will be sunny and warm after a chilly night or it would be a wonderful spring day calling you for a walk in the park or lazing around in the park chair with a coffee and your favourite thriller novel! You might also feel like watching that tempting baseball match running on the telly… Sometimes you will feel like giving in to those temptations but then again you have to control yourself. The question is how. There are quite a few very effective ways to keep every freelancer motivated which we are going to discuss here.

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Most useful and must have freelancer hardware tools

hardware tools equipment of freelancer

Freelancer busy at work !


We all know that man has been using various tools to increase productivity for ages immemorial. A freelancer is no exception to this rule. You may be a freelance writer, a freelance IT worker, freelancer graphic designer / illustrator or just a freelance virtual assistant you will definitely need tools to automate your workflow as you gain more experience down the years and as the bulk of your work starts to increase. You will need better time management, task prioritization, account maintenance and what not. Most freelancers have to manage everything themselves and it is not an easy job.

Your objective should be to minimize housekeeping jobs so that you can concentrate more on catering to your clients. This is where tools come into play and increase the efficiency of every freelancer. Here we will concentrate on the best tools available in the market amongst a plethora of options so that you can take the right pick the very first time to get your freelance job done most efficiently. Now as far as tools are concerned they can broadly be classified into hardware and software tools. We shall dwell on both hardware tools and software tools but in this article we shall concentrate mainly on hardware tools for freelancers first.

We shall first take a look at hardware requirements. We shall suppose that you are  just getting started and is looking to buy a computer. In today’s world options galore. What type of computer, a Mac or a PC, what kind of processor, motherboards, RAM, hard drive space, mouse, printer, scanner, tablet for illustrations, UPS or inverter an external storage device for backup etc. There are many and many choices in each category. Freelancers have to take their pick judiciously to get the job done most efficiently and smoothly.
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10 Great tips to prepare yourself as a freelance content writer

content writer at work

Be an excellent Content Writer


Preparing yourself as a freelance content writer is not child’s play. It is easier said than done. Demand for good and fresh content is rising by leaps and bounds on the internet. If you are creating a website which is content based then it naturally will be your most coveted and important commodity. So before you start writing content you shall have to learn the tricks of the trade.

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6 BIG mistakes that every freelancer should avoid

freelancer mistakes to avoid

6 common freelancer mistakes to avoid


Being your own boss and working from home in your Bermudas at your own time might sound to be great in a freelancer’s life but for a new freelancer who has just jumped into the bandwagon, life always does not turn out to be that simple. There is hardly any freelancer who has not got cheated or worked hard not to get paid at the end. Every one of us have had that experience. I asked around and found out that every freelancer friend of mine has done some project or the other at some point of time for which they never got paid. When I found out that not getting paid is so common among beginners in this industry, I started to figure out why this happens and what can a newbie freelancer do in order to avoid this! Let me tell you that however cautious you are there will always be instances when you will not get paid. Then you might ask what purpose does this article serve? Well this article will definitely help you to minimize the chances of not getting paid. Though it is always not possible to follow these instructions but if a freelancer follows them most of the time then I am sure he will minimize the chances of not getting paid to a great extent!

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7 BIGGEST time wasters for Freelancers

freelancer time wasters

Time wasters for freelancers


Working in your pyjamas from the comfort of your home office has great advantages and flexibility. But every good thing in life comes at a price. Similarly working from home and having flexible working hours has its own pitfalls as well. If you are not very very disciplined and if you can not drive away some very strong distractions then working from the comfort of your home could do you more bad than good. Let us take a close look at the most major distractions one by one.

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Earning BIG money by Affiliate Marketing – FREE TIPS

affiliate income

Earn BIG Affiliate Income


If you have a website you can be an affiliate and start earning BIG money on the internet simply by referring traffic. Some affiliate programs do not even want your traffic to make a purchase!


The term affiliate marketing refers to the principle of revenue sharing in the form of  commission for referred business. Since more and more business are going online every minute hence this form of business has become a very popular marketing tool. Affiliates get paid for directing traffic and potential customer to the company’s website. By being an affiliate you can really earn handsomely through your websites. Some affiliates actually earn millions of dollars per month from their websites.

Two greatly rewarding niches are the poker industry and the mortgage industry. They even pay just for referring a potential client. They don’t even have to make a purchase on the target website you sent them to. Internet is a huge market and even if you get a small chunk of the pie called affiliate marketing revenue still you stand to earn thousand of dollars a month.

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Earn by being a freelance virtual assistant

earn being a virtual assistant

Earn by being a virtual assistant


First we have to understand who is a freelance virtual assistant. Well the answer is that a virtual assistant is a person who does all your office chores for you from a distant location. He or she is virtual because she is not present at your office but is working like an assistant for you. His or her presence is sometimes transparent to your clients. Works done by virtual assistants are often better than hired manpower because virtual assistants are generally experts in their fields.

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Tips and tricks on selling your photos online

freelance photography assignments

Freelance photographer

Did you know that you can be a freelance photographer selling photos online?
You are a freelance photographer and you have many offline clients but you can add some icing on the cake if you also see your photographs online.

Photographs are needed by a variety of persons. Someone who wants to adorn his desktop looks for a great nature photo or a webmaster who might be looking for the photo of a telecaller to put in the contact us page. So photographs are needed by a variety of people for a variety of reasons. Here are some tips on how you can do it easily and earn good money…

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Steps to launch yourself as a freelance photographer

freelance photographer

Become a Freelance Photographer


So if you have that thing for photography and are really considering to take up photography as a freelancing career or full time career then first you should ask yourself how serious you are about it. Some people have the natural inclination for taking good photographs but to become a freelance photographer or a professional photographer you have to hone your skills to the level of a professional photographer.
Photographs always carry a special meaning to every person. Be it a special even in one’s life or be it some kind of evidence, a photograph is always important and special. It could be as special as the your wedding photo or the special moments of your child growing up. A good photograph speaks a thousand words. So in a nutshell photography has universal and widespread applications and a good photographer is always in demand.
We shall now discuss what are the steps that you must take to become a freelance photographer.

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Graphic Design Crowdsourcing – Analyzed


The power of Crowdsourcing


The term crowdsourcing generally refers to the term of engaging an indefinite number of people (generally a large number) for a particular task or work that was previously performed by one individual or agent for a fee or remuneration. In other words when a work or task is crowdsourced, a lot of people compete for the remuneration by showcasing their finished product. So the term crowdsourcing when applied to graphic design means that if you need a logo design for your new business or a website design for your restaurant then you go to a crowdsourcing website and post your requirements there. A lot of professionals or individuals or graphic designers in this case who are registered with that website put forward their concepts or designs. The buyer rates them and talks to them via a message board to pinpoint what they want and finally picks the graphic design they like most. This is graphic design crowdsourcing in a nutshell.

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