7 secrets you must know about guest blogging

guest blogging

Guest Blogging


Guest blogging is considered to be one of the best link building and inbound marketing strategy. Guest blogging has also changed the fate of many new businesses.

Many blogs accept guest blog posts if the posts are in depth , detailed and helpful for its target audience. As a matter of fact it is almost impossible to make it to the top strata of blogging without guest blogging.

In this post I shall reveal to you some of the secrets about guest blogging and how you can leverage it to build your traffic. 62.96% of people believe that blogs with multiple authors are more credible.

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6 priceless lessons Steve Jobs taught me about Blogging

steve jobs blogging lessons

steve jobs


Who doesn’t know Steve Jobs? A person who changed the world of computers for good. Not only the world of computers but he changed the world as a whole.

He is the genius who founded Apple computers and was eventually thrown out of his own company and was brought back in when the company was on the verge of a collapse. He then single handedly turned around Apple Computers in the late 1980’s.

We all know this story. But what we need to notice here is that he had a few fundamental qualities and had a few fundamental principles that he followed throughout his life. These principles are applicable in any aspect of life. If you want to excel in any particular sphere of life these life lessons from Steve Jobs are invaluable. Let me try to summarize them one by one :-

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14 ways to improve your home office for better productivity

home office workspace of a freelancer

Freelancer workspace


I am writing this post sitting at my home office. Most freelancers work from their home office. Let me tell you that ambience of your workspace plays a very vital role in crafting a superb piece of content. I am telling you this from my experience. So let me go ahead and describe my workspace to you.

I am working on my desktop computer which has a 27 inch  LED display. A soft instrumental piece of saxophone played by the maestro Kenny G is playing in my media player. The speakers attached to my desktop computer are Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II 2.0 which are pretty decent. It is only yesterday that I organized my workspace and it is looking neat and tidy now. I have bought myself a cord organizer from amazon which I used to organize my workspace.

Then I have this beautiful Paddywax Fragrance Diffuser Set (again bought from amazon) giving out a beautiful and intoxicating fragrance. My air conditioner is set to a balmy 24 deg C or 75deg F which is neither warm not very cold. Sunlight is coming into my room through the glass panes of my window and it is a beautiful sunny day. To me this is my perfect workspace. Now do you think that there is any reason why this workspace will not get the best out of me?

So now let me share a few things which I learned through experience. These tips will help you redesign your workspace and get the best productivity out of you.
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19 proven ways to write incredible headlines

incredible headlines for blogs

Hard hitting headlines !


Headlines are the only way you can make a reader read your blog post or even make him subscribe to your blog. It is the only impression that you get to create before he closes the tab of the browser your site is open in or continues to read on with undivided attention. Writing a blog post is like telling an interesting short story. You have to build the reader’s interest right at the very beginning and your headline is the best way to do so.

There are certain tried and tested ways to write great headlines that are sure to work. This is because these headlines tickle the psychological trigger factors of the human brain. Good bloggers use these tricks regularly to write great posts that go viral on the social media circles and drive a ton of traffic to their blogs. So even if google’s panda update has forsaken you, your blog can spring back to buzz and overflow with traffic from the social channels. Let us explore the tricks that can make this happen!

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Awesome tips to win a freelance content writing project


bidding for content writing jobs

Winning content writing assignments !


The trick of winning a bid for content writing project lies in the first 5 lines of your bid writing. Properly pitching the customer in your bid and striking him / her with some idea wins almost 90% of the content writing projects. Here are some tips and tricks on where to find work and how to bid for them.

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10 Great tips to prepare yourself as a freelance content writer

content writer at work

Be an excellent Content Writer


Preparing yourself as a freelance content writer is not child’s play. It is easier said than done. Demand for good and fresh content is rising by leaps and bounds on the internet. If you are creating a website which is content based then it naturally will be your most coveted and important commodity. So before you start writing content you shall have to learn the tricks of the trade.

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