Best time management and time planning tips from professional bloggers

time planning and management is crucial

    It is often seen that freelance bloggers are distracted by many activities and diversions and can get very little done at the end of their work day. This is why they should learn time management and time planning from professional bloggers who consistently churn out high quality articles despite their busy work schedule […]

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Most useful and must have freelancer hardware tools

hardware tools equipment of freelancer

  We all know that man has been using various tools to increase productivity for ages immemorial. A freelancer is no exception to this rule. You may be a freelance writer, a freelance IT worker, freelancer graphic designer / illustrator or just a freelance virtual assistant you will definitely need tools to automate your workflow […]

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Awesome tips to win a freelance content writing project

bidding for content writing jobs

    The trick of winning a bid for content writing project lies in the first 5 lines of your bid writing. Properly pitching the customer in your bid and striking him / her with some idea wins almost 90% of the content writing projects. Here are some tips and tricks on where to find […]

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10 Great tips to prepare yourself as a freelance content writer

content writer at work

  Preparing yourself as a freelance content writer is not child’s play. It is easier said than done. Demand for good and fresh content is rising by leaps and bounds on the internet. If you are creating a website which is content based then it naturally will be your most coveted and important commodity. So before […]

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6 BIG mistakes that every freelancer should avoid

freelancer mistakes to avoid

  Being your own boss and working from home in your Bermudas at your own time might sound to be great in a freelancer’s life but for a new freelancer who has just jumped into the bandwagon, life always does not turn out to be that simple. There is hardly any freelancer who has not […]

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Google +1 : The next killer feature from the google stable !

google +1 button

  Google has introduced a new feature the +1 indicator for search results and content. Now the question comes what is +1 and how is it going to affect the way you search the web. Let me try and explain it to you. You can already see the +1 button above this post! Click it […]

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7 BIGGEST time wasters for Freelancers

freelancer time wasters

  Working in your pyjamas from the comfort of your home office has great advantages and flexibility. But every good thing in life comes at a price. Similarly working from home and having flexible working hours has its own pitfalls as well. If you are not very very disciplined and if you can not drive […]

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Earning BIG money by Affiliate Marketing – FREE TIPS

affiliate income

  If you have a website you can be an affiliate and start earning BIG money on the internet simply by referring traffic. Some affiliate programs do not even want your traffic to make a purchase!   The term affiliate marketing refers to the principle of revenue sharing in the form of  commission for referred business. Since more and […]

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Earn by being a freelance virtual assistant

earn being a virtual assistant

  First we have to understand who is a freelance virtual assistant. Well the answer is that a virtual assistant is a person who does all your office chores for you from a distant location. He or she is virtual because she is not present at your office but is working like an assistant for you. His […]

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Tips and tricks on selling your photos online

freelance photography assignments

Did you know that you can be a freelance photographer selling photos online? You are a freelance photographer and you have many offline clients but you can add some icing on the cake if you also see your photographs online. Photographs are needed by a variety of persons. Someone who wants to adorn his desktop […]

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