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Who doesn’t know Steve Jobs? A person who changed the world of computers for good. Not only the world of computers but he changed the world as a whole.

He is the genius who founded Apple computers and was eventually thrown out of his own company and was brought back in when the company was on the verge of a collapse. He then single handedly turned around Apple Computers in the late 1980’s.

We all know this story. But what we need to notice here is that he had a few fundamental qualities and had a few fundamental principles that he followed throughout his life. These principles are applicable in any aspect of life. If you want to excel in any particular sphere of life these life lessons from Steve Jobs are invaluable. Let me try to summarize them one by one :-

1. Aim for Perfection

This might sound like a no brainer but “Perfection” is the first and the foremost cornerstone for success. Whatever Steve Jobs did, he always aimed for perfection. Windows got it right on the 3rd attempt but Apple did it in the 1st attempt.

Steve Jobs is practically the father of Graphical User Interface. He is the person whole believed that computers could be more than a black and white box crunching numbers. He pushed people beyond their limits to achieve this perfection. When his research team told him “it couldn’t be done”, he would ask them to go find a way. He wanted to make Apple the brand that offered only the best.

Now the question comes how does it relate to a blog? The answer is pretty simple. Do not publish a piece until it is “perfect”. After you have written an article read it once, twice, thrice…. You will surely find ways to tweak them. Then tweak them some more. Then get it reviewed by your friends and family members. Take their advice into account and tweak the article a little more. Then finally you are confident that it is better than the best article about the subject : hit the publish button.


2. There is no alternative to Hard Work

Steve Jobs was not born with the word “success” sealed on his fate. He worked really hard to achieve it. By really hard I mean really hard. There are instances when he stayed at the Apple Headquarters for 4 days at a stretch to solve some pressing issue which was apparently impossible to solve. He proved time and again that anything which seems impossible can be made possible by hard work.

Steve Jobs did not rest on his laurels. Even after he because world famous and successful he continued to work hard. He knew that success is not a destination but it’s a journey. He followed this philosophy till the last day of his life. It is for this hard work, every company he touched turned into gold. He founded Pixar. He turned Pixar into the best studio and changed the film industry forever. There has never been a movie studio with a continuous record of hit movies one after the other. “Toy Story”, “Finding Nemo”, “Cars”, “Ratatouille” are to name a few.

In any business you have to work harder than your competitors in order to surpass them. In this context there is one example I often use. Suppose you do not know how to swim. Now imagine yourself drowning. How hard will you try to swim? If you have such a burning desire for success then success will surely come to you.

If you are a blogger and you are writing an article then you have to work awfully hard to research the topic you want to write about. You have to gather facts and figures and then analyze them. Derive a deduction and put your opinion about it. Work as hard as possible to research and get the most authentic facts and then try to polish it up with your conclusions based on those facts and figures. Stop only after you feel that you have done better than your best.

3. Think BIG

There is a famous saying which goes as follows : “It is not a crime to fail but it is a crime to aim low.” Whatever Steve Jobs did he always aimed big. He took Apple from being a computer company to diversify into being one of the biggest technology company in the world. He always aimed at making the best hardware in the world. He was not satisfied being the second best. If it was an Apple then its ought to be the best. This kind of aim is rather presumptuous.

Likewise, in blogging you should aim to write the best articles. You should aim to become a thought leader in your field. Other bloggers should quote you in their blog posts. You should aim to have a fan of readers from around the globe. You should aim at writing exhaustive and in-depth blog posts which are grammatically correct and rich in content. Something that readers will bookmark for future reference.


4. Try to solve a Problem

Whenever Steve Jobs launched a product into the market he always talked about what problem it solved. What value the product added to the user’s life. How it made the user’s life easier. He never talked about what features it had. He would say something like “imagine carrying 1000 songs in your pocket”. He never said “the iPod has 4GB of storage”.  He always believed that people matter more than features.

In blogging, whenever you write a post think about your target audience. Think about how they can benefit from your post. Is it very informative? Does it draw a conclusion or a take home message? Does it provide enough value to your audience? Does it improve their lives in any way? If the answer to most of these questions are a ‘yes’ then you are on the right track.


5. Passion is everything!

Whatever Steve Jobs did he used to give more than his 100% to it. Anything less was not an option for him. Steve Jobs said that the only thing that gets him going at tough times is passion. It is not easy to succeed and without passion it is nearly impossible to succeed. When the going gets tough its your passion that will drive you.

In blogging success will not come overnight. Some blogger don’t even earn a single rupee even after one year of constant blogging. It’s their passion for blogging that keeps them going. If they did not “LOVE” their work and had no passion for it then it would be impossible for them to continue.


6. Be Enthusiastic

Whenever Steve Jobs went on stage to present a new product of Apple he would begin his talk with open arms and a wide smile. He would always use superlative expressions such as “We have some great stuff for you. There’s clearly something in the Air today.” He overused certain words like :-


Just like this in blogging you can use such superlatives in the title of your blog posts. Just like I used the word “priceless” in this blog post.  These kinds of words have a psychological effect of building confidence in people. It also builds a sense of trust in people.

So to sum it up what I learnt is priceless and can not be equated with any knowledge in any curriculum in any part of the globe. The best way to learn is to follow great men and their ways. There is one more thing even better than learning! That is to start implementing. If you can implement these techniques in your own life you will surely see success in the years to come!

Finally I would request you to let me know what you think in the comments section of this post.

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