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The trick of winning a bid for content writing project lies in the first 5 lines of your bid writing. Properly pitching the customer in your bid and striking him / her with some idea wins almost 90% of the content writing projects. Here are some tips and tricks on where to find work and how to bid for them.

Great online content writers find projects mainly in the following  ways.

  1. Bidding on projects on online job posting services marketplace.
  2. browsing the job meta search engines for work.
  3. looking at online job boards regularly
  4.  online and offline marketing
  5. Networking and using social bookmarking networks.


For this article I shall take up only the online marketplace.

Firstly there are several online marketplaces where you can find jobs. Here are some of them :-

There are many others though but these are the most popular ones. Elance, guru and odesk are the most popular once where you can find various types of content writing projects like article writng, seo copywriting for web content, simple web content writing, technical writing, manual writing and ebook writing. There are also various writing projects which are highly rewarding like advertising copywriting and corporate copywriting. Ghost writing is also common these days where an expert content writer is hired to write for someone else. The agreement is that the ghost writer will not be able to take credit for the content. He or she just receives payment for the content. After the payment is made the content is no longer the writer’s property.

So now as you know where to find work you shall have to know the killer tips and tricks to write your pitch or bid to your prospective customer. The first trick is to read the bid document thoroughly so that you can understand what the client is looking for. If you can understand his needs you can hit that soft corner by talking sensibly about his needs and writing your proposal by including points like how you are best suited for his requirements.

Secondly you have to prove to your prospective client how knowledgeable you are regarding the topic for which he wants his contents to be written. The best way to do this is to provide samples of your past work in the bid relating to the topic or his interest. For example if he is looking for an ebook to be written then provide samples of your past works relating to ebooks. It will be even better if you can provide works related to the topic. Like if the client is looking for an ebook to be written on freelancing on the internet you can forward him a copywriting or ebook that you might have done on optimizing web content for a specific keyword or a few keywords. This is sure to hit the right cord of the employer and chances of you being hired for the project at hand will increase manifold.

If you do not have enough related samples then you might take a bit of risk and do a small piece of sample content for the client. It is vital that you study the past record of the client before doing that. Pick a client that has a very high award ratio for past project. This will ensure that the client is likely to actually hire someone to write the content. Many clients just post projects in order to study the market and the rates offered. The client might already have a freelancer and might be just posting the project on a freelancing website to find out the rates and quotes. So if you are doing a sample content judge the client carefully so that your hours of effort is not lost in vain.

Having a display or profile picture in your home office also works great. Put up a picture in your profile with you sitting in your work chair in your working environment. This conveys a sense of dependability to the client and the client feels that there is actually a human element behind the name. It is statistically proven that profiles with a good display picture has 55% more chance of winning an assignment.

Another great idea is to have your own professional website. Whenever you bid for an online project in any freelancing website, include a link to your website there. Your website should have a very professional design, and some samples of great copy that you have written in the past. It is also a very good idea to have lots of  testimonials from actual clients who have used your service in the past. This builds up your credential. Also put up those testimonials that can actually be verified by people who wrote it for you. This will go a long way in building your credibility in the eyes of your prospective client.

Do not forget to mention if you have won any awards or recognition in your content writing career. Awards and recognition are almost sure shot bet to seduce your client. One word of caution : do not try to fake any of it. Mention only if you have won an actual award. These days clients are intelligent to make out the truth.

Some freelancing websites have the provision of tests for freelance content writers. You should definitely take some tests of english language and grammar and try scoring some good marks in it. If you do not score well the first time then take the test again after some preparation. Having a good score in language skill goes a long way in the career of a content writer.

If you are in between projects and have some spare time then use that time to learn seo copyrighting by visiting sites like Problogger or Neil Patel’s guide to blogging. These sites will come in handy if you are writing blogs or doing blog post assignments for clients.

In conclusion if you follow these guidelines I laid out above you are sure to increase your chances of landing on a job. My study with fellow content writers say that they increased their chances of getting a job by as much as 33% by following these guidelines.

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