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Did you know that you can be a freelance photographer selling photos online?
You are a freelance photographer and you have many offline clients but you can add some icing on the cake if you also see your photographs online.

Photographs are needed by a variety of persons. Someone who wants to adorn his desktop looks for a great nature photo or a webmaster who might be looking for the photo of a telecaller to put in the contact us page. So photographs are needed by a variety of people for a variety of reasons. Here are some tips on how you can do it easily and earn good money…

How to start selling your photos?

Its easy. At the onset do not aim for a professional digital SLR camera. Try to buy a pretty decent camera second hand from a top notch photographer. Top notch photographers do not use their cameras for a long time. They change as soon as a better model is available in the market. So you can get a pretty decent camera at much less the price than what a brand new would otherwise cost you.

Which photographs sell and which do not

While you are making your portfolio or shooting photos to sell them online always remember that all that photos that you shoot will not find customers. A photo of your kid playing in a bathtub or your friend lying in the beach will not get you any money. You shall have to find good concepts that would sell. The best selling photos are corporate photos. Photographs depicting a high profile meeting or a boardroom or a presentation going on is a good subject for photography.

Quality of photos is very vital

Whatever you are shooting keep it in mind that quality is of utmost importance. Remember that however good your idea might be or however good the subject might be, your photograph will not sell if it is not of a very high quality. Noisy and grainy photographs which are not well lit will find little market. Most stock photography websites would have clear instructions regarding quality. They only accept sharp, high resolution, well lit and clean images without grains and noises. If you submit low resolution photos they will summarily reject it.

Portfolio once again

As in every field of freelancing portfolio goes a long way for a photographer too. Be sure to choose the bests from your work to create a portfolio for yourself. You can also host your portfolio online. The photos you showcase should not only be visually great but they should also show your technical expertise and concept. Try to include a short summary of information stating what equipment was used to shoot the same, what aperture was used, shutter time, and a brief concept summary if possible.



Setting a price for your photographs is very important. These days every other person has a digital camera. Why would a person pay a fortune for the photo of your kid playing in the bath tub. Quote a price which you can justify yourself. If you are reasonably priced you can also attract many repeat customers. Try to offer great works at reasonable prices.

Where to sell your photos

Now that you have shot a lot of good quality and high resolution photographs and have built up your portfolio, you should know where to sell your photographs. You could try selling your photos yourself by creating a small ecommerce website yourself and optimizing it properly for search engines. You could also put up PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements for your website. Google adwords is  great way to do that. But this method will take time and you will be needing to hire a programmer who will build the ecommerce website for you. Rather you could put up your photos in any of the stock photography websites who will sell your photos and charge a commission. These sites have a lot of traffic and most probably you will be selling quite a lot of photos if your work is good. Remember once again high resolution, sharp images with good and professional subject will fetch you more money. These kind of websites listed below are called ‘microstock’ websites and will let you list your photos even if you are an amateur.

They are :-








But before you sell your photos on the internet its good to learn some more about the right ways to do so.


Most of these stock photography websites do not charge for hosting your images. You only need to get your image approved by them and you are on. But there is a catch. They do charge a commission when you generate a sell. Sometimes the percentage of commission on the sale is quite high. So you have to take your pick by careful judgment. Also every site has a particular niche. You have to find out which one suits the kind of photos you want to sell. After you have uploaded your photos it pays if you take a look at the most sold photos. This gives you an idea of the direction you need to follow in your photo shoots. Some of these sites also let users to comment on a photo even if they have not bought it. So you can get valuable feedback on your photography for free.

All said and one remember not to put up a photo shot by any other photographer. Aesthetics is vital and so is copyright. Also remember to take written permission of sale from models that you might be using in your photographs. These are known as model releases. If you don’t want to land into a notorious lawsuit then do the right thing in the right way.

Happy freelance photography venture…

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