Google +1 : The next killer feature from the google stable !

google +1 button

Google +1 Button


Google has introduced a new feature the +1 indicator for search results and content. Now the question comes what is +1 and how is it going to affect the way you search the web. Let me try and explain it to you. You can already see the +1 button above this post! Click it and +1 this article….

What is google +1

The web is BIG and the options before you are really many. Suppose you search for “logo design” and millions of website populate your search result instantly. You are spellbound and awestricken as to where to go and which site to check out for. You keep wondering which site has the most useful and relevant information on what you are looking for. Till date google used to do a pretty good job by placing the most relevant site on top of its SERP (search engine result page). But this time google thought of even fine tuning it.

A human brain is always better than an automated program and so is its power of judgment. Google uses an automated program called a bot or a crawler to parse websites and index it according to its relevance. Now google will take the help of crowdsourced human editors who will just press the +1 button beside a search result to let the automated program know that this site is relevant or has great content. It also works like a reference or tip to your friends or family who could use it to their advantage.


Google +1 : Is it a step towards crowdsourcing?

This is also another step in the direction of crowdsourcing where google is actually harnessing the power of the crowd to refine its search result. Lot of user generated +1 or votes are generated means a site is more relevant for a particular search term. Have you ever thought about it that this could actually take the place of backlinking? The +1s would be treated as backlinks or votes and sites with more +1s would definitely rank higher.


When you +1 something, your +1 will display publicly across the Web as an annotation on the content you +1’d. Your +1 will also appear in the +1’s tab of your Google profile. Though +1’s are always visible to the public, the +1’s tab on your profile is visible only to you unless you choose to make it public. So in this way you can also find a substitute for bookmarking a page on your browser. The +1 will also pose a threat to social bookmarking sites like dig, stumbleupon, reddit etc. We are yet to see what future has in hold for the fate of +1 but since it is google we can hope for the best for +1

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