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Earn BIG Affiliate Income


If you have a website you can be an affiliate and start earning BIG money on the internet simply by referring traffic. Some affiliate programs do not even want your traffic to make a purchase!


The term affiliate marketing refers to the principle of revenue sharing in the form of  commission for referred business. Since more and more business are going online every minute hence this form of business has become a very popular marketing tool. Affiliates get paid for directing traffic and potential customer to the company’s website. By being an affiliate you can really earn handsomely through your websites. Some affiliates actually earn millions of dollars per month from their websites.

Two greatly rewarding niches are the poker industry and the mortgage industry. They even pay just for referring a potential client. They don’t even have to make a purchase on the target website you sent them to. Internet is a huge market and even if you get a small chunk of the pie called affiliate marketing revenue still you stand to earn thousand of dollars a month.

Reality check :

Do not assume that you will start earning thousands of dollars from the first month by being an affiliate marketer. Not all affiliate marketers are very successful. Some end up earning only a few hundred dollars a month yet some make thousands.  But if you work hard and know the proper tricks of the trade then you are sure to succeed.

What you need :

As an affiliate marketer you need certain things without which you can not start as an affiliate marketer. These tings are not very hard to procure. They are :-

  1. A website that you have created as a platform to draw and refer traffic.
  2. Then you need to identify a few good and reputed affiliate programs and need to sign up with them.
  3. Set up your tracking links and need to set them up on your own website.
  4. Generate traffic on your website by publicizing it on the internet or otherwise.
  5. Make your visitors buy those products by convincing them about it.

Remember do not promote low quality products in your website or you might not get the ‘word of mouth’ traffic for your site.

Most rewarding niches :

A statistical analysis says that the three most rewarding and paying niches are : poker, mortgage and education. But this does not necessarily mean that you shall have to build your niche in those three areas only. Only build your niche in the area you are knowledgeable about. If you build your niche in other areas then you shall soon run out of topics to write about and you will be doomed for destruction.

Competition Vs Traffic :

At some point of time while doing your niche research you shall find that you are faced with a dilemma of competition versus traffic. Let me explain what this means. While doing a keyword research you shall find that some keywords or industries drives a lot of traffic. You would instantly become very happy thinking that you have found your area but then again a little bit of more research will reveal that there are plenty of well established websites in that niche whom you are to compete against. So while doing an affiliate research you have to strike a balance between competition and traffic. So your best bet would be to pick a niche you are very knowledgeable about because in those niches you would be able to write quality content and draw repeated traffic. This is because in the beginning the workload will be huge and success will come in very small chunks.

Build a great website :

After you have decided on your niche your next step would be to build a great site with a great professional look and feel. If your site does not look professional and inviting then your prospective customers will not be convinced to click on the ‘BUY’ button on your site. You will have lower rate of success. In affiliate marketing success is defined as conversion. Low rate of conversion naturally means low revenue.

Writing great content for the affiliate product :

Then comes the task of writing great, motivating and inspirational content. While writing content you shall have to remember one thing. NEVER BLUFF your readers. I NEVER do it! If you are referring a product or selling it yourself then please be sure to use it yourself before your recommend it. This will go a long way in building up your credibility and establishing you as a brand in the trade. You should never aim at short term profits. Rather you should aim in building up reputation slowly and slowly. Use the product and if you find it satisfactory and up to the mark then only recommend it or refer it to others.

Optimizing the page for search engines :

You shall have to optimize the page for search engines too so that googlebot and other crawlers find your page useful and ranks it higher. This sort of thing is called SEO Copy. You can find many SEO Copywriting tips HERE. It is all about on-page and off-page optimization techniques. In a nutshell you shall have to optimize things like the title tag, the meta tag to complement it, image alt names, keyword density, using H1 titles etc. These were on page optimization techniques. Off-page or off-site optimization techniques include link building, listing in public directories, listing in high PR pages etc.

Getting traffic from paid advertisements :

You can build traffic for your affiliate page by going for paid advertisements. You can put up your ad on different sites called publishers and pay for every visitor who clicks on those ads and comes in. This form of advertisement is calld PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisement. You can set the value how much you pay for each click and set a maximum campaign value so that you do not run the risk of paying half your fortune. The most popular PPC with the affiliates of today is google adwords. There is also another PPC system called adbrite. They are also very popular. People who host the advertisements on their websites are called publishers. You can publish your ads on some websites with good traffic inflows and wait for your fortune to smile on you.

Buying an old website or setting up a new one :

If you want instant traffic and want to start at high speed then you can go and buy an old site which has been existing for say the last two or three years. These sites generally do have established credentials due to the age of the domain itself. Search engines will automatically give more value to these sites and you have to work less hard to get a page rank. As against the fact that if you buy a brand new website and start building it yourself then you will have to build it up bit by bit and page by page. Search engines will take some time to drive any appreciable amount of content to your website.

Try your luck :

Lastly remember that not all the people who have tested waters with affiliate marketing are successful. Most of them fail yet some are really successful. Those who are successful have made real fortunes for them and do really lead a great life with lot of freedom and job satisfaction. But the fact remains that if you never try you shall never succeed. So if you are ready to work hard and have a ‘never give up’ attitude then I think that affiliate marketing is your cup of tea. Give it a shot!

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