Earn by being a freelance virtual assistant

earn being a virtual assistant

Earn by being a virtual assistant


First we have to understand who is a freelance virtual assistant. Well the answer is that a virtual assistant is a person who does all your office chores for you from a distant location. He or she is virtual because she is not present at your office but is working like an assistant for you. His or her presence is sometimes transparent to your clients. Works done by virtual assistants are often better than hired manpower because virtual assistants are generally experts in their fields.

Works done by freelance virtual assistants can be varied like responding to emails from your clients to as critical as troubleshooting your client’s technical problems related to your area of service. Often their presentation and works are very professional since they are more concerned about good will other than someone else working in an organization.

Well now what do we gather from reading these two paragraphs. If we were to work as a freelance virtual assistant then we have to pick up the skills in the area you want to offer your service in. It could be as simple as drafting office letters to offering online technical support via live chat with someone’s clients. It could be things like fixing appointments, setting right billings and other payments, preparing content for websites, writing articles for blogs, writing press release and they even overlook work that requires in-depth research in that particular area.

So in short a freelance virtual assistant is one who gives professional back office support at all times and complete all your works in the way you want them to be done. They have to acquire skills to quickly understand your company policies and etiquettes and also understand the operational methods of your company. They have excellent communication skills and can do all the works necessary in appropriate time to take the company to greater verticals. Nowadays more and more corporates are switching to hire virtual assistants other than on-site employees to cut on infrastructure costs. So finding work as a freelance virtual assistant has become easier than ever before. 


What works can you aim at as a freelance virtual assistant?

Simple work handling from a virtual assistance expert may include mail shots, spreadsheet work, Power Point presentations, Database maintenance, word processing such as composing mails and content writing and other more. On the other hand, you can also work as s strategic virtual assistance and do event management, email management, strategic planning, official management etc. You have to be very well-trained and offer extending array of services that meets your clients’ expectations.

Works commonly done by freelance virtual assistants include :-

* Audio Transcription
* Desktop publishing and book keeping
* Editing and content writing services
* Project management
* Research about something on the internet
* Promotion research and event schedule management
* Press Release Posting, Blogging, and handling auto responders
* Translation
* Secretarial Assignments and work handlings
* Admin Assistant jobs (If you want to know where to find these jobs then Click Here!

So you can choose any of the above skillsets, but while picking up one you shall have to be very careful and have to pick something you like to do. Because if you do something you don’t like doing then you shall become tired very soon and loose focus. This will tell upon your output and consequently harm your reputation as a freelance virtual assistant. Now we shall discuss the business owner’s perspective and shall analyze the reasons why Virtual Assistants are fact becoming the choicest options for small and medium business owners.

The reasons are no brainers :-

i) They dont have to provide office space and equipments to freelance virtual assistants. Thus they save on office real estate, office equipments, benefits, perks and electricity bills for running their computers.

ii) No work no pay. when there is less work for an employee you can’t take away his payment. Its your duty to provide work to your employee. but if you hire a freelancer you pay project wise or according to the complexity of the job in question. Suppose an employer just need someone to check his daily emails and only forward him the important ones. So he can hire an appropriate freelancer who will charge accordingly. Moreover this is not a full time job and hence can be managed well by a freelancer.

iii) Payments can be made on a case to case basis. simple works are less costly.

So reasons abound. Master a skillset and jump on to the 5 figure freelance virtual assistant market bandwagon… 

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